Businesses and Trade Associations in Hilton

This section of Business and Trade Associations contains details of all known commercial organisations who are represented in this area of Huntingdonshire, in the county of Cambridgeshire. Some of these may be national organisations who have branch offices or retail outlets in the town or they may be wholly local organisations.

We provide this information in the form of an A to Z listing to allow you to easily locate a particular organisation. Following the links on this page you will be provided with further information about the primary organisation including its national (Head Office or Registered Office) contact details and further links to other areas of this website that concentrates on their local commercial activites where it is grouped with that of other organsiations providing similar products and services. That detail includes their local address, location displayed on our maps, trading times and where available much more including images and photogrpahs.

Some of these Organisations service the entire District and may not be based in Hilton nor have a permanent facility in Hilton. These are marked YES in the 'Dist' or District Column in which case their information will open in a new window on the website where they are based.

List of Businesses and Trade Associations in Hilton


Location Name

Local Tel (01480)

National Telephone


830 362

01480 830 362



01480 830486



01180 458900


Site member banner of Bathroom Barn (John Rush Services Ltd)



832 329

01480 832 329


802 958

01206 752 552


Site member banner of Care UK



01487 740 301

01480 740 301


07454 784694

01487 740843


Site member banner of Emma Read - Freelance Virtual Assistant



260 000

01480 260 000


Site member banner of Fast2Host Limited



830 215

01480 830 215



01480 464506


Site member banner of Homequest



831 184

01480 831 184



01480 495 859


Site member banner of Jevstar Dot Com



01487 824 658

01487 824 658


Site member banner of Johnsons of Oldhurst



Site member banner of Living Kitchens (John Rush Services Ltd)



831 823

01480 831 823


831 691

01480 831 691


830 138

01480 830 138



01480 830257


831 886

01480 831 886



01480 464774


Site member banner of Shades of White



830 351

01480 830 351


Site member banner of The M and S Lynch Consultancy - Management Consultants



831 241

01480 831 241





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Invitation to Organisation Officials

If you manage a local organisation, that would fit into our section on Businesses and Trade Associations, that is missing from the list above or if any of the information is incorrect please make contact with the webmaster who will explain how an addition or correction can be made. We are about to allow local groups to manage and maintain their own information on this site. Follow this link if you wish to read further information about managing your own entry on our Huntingdonshire websites (External link to our Huntingdonshire website will open in a new window).